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The Case Study Report: The Individual's Experience

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 The mission of the JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC, MATERNAL & FAMILY HEALTH – Chiropractic (JPMFH) is to disseminate to its reading audience peer-reviewed research and other information dealing with the concepts of health, wellness, and vertebral subluxation as they relate to children and mothering. It is devoted primarily to serving the chiropractic profession, other health care providers, the scientific and scholarly communities, and the public at large.

 Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health—Chiropractic

Revolutionizing the perception and power of the profession of chiropractic worldwide.

Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

Engaging and serving family chiropractors worldwide through education, training, and research, establishing excellence in professional skills and uniting in a global community which cooperatively and passionately participates in advancing chiropractic for both the profession and the public.

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association – ICPA

National Vaccine Information Center


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The Case Study Report: The Individual's Experience - Conceiving, Writing & Submitting Case Studies on Chiropractic: A Step by Step Guide. This book is a very practical hands on guide that teaches you step by step how to put together a case study that has the potential to meet the technical requirements for submission to a research journal. Click above for more information.